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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> a haneous crime in east germantown. a man stabbed dozens of times, then, set on fire. the search for his killer this morning. >> plus, policies are taking a back seat to medical records in the race for the white house this morning. >> i feel as good today as did i when i was 30. >> donald trump turns to doctor oz and hillary clinton's doctor release as detailed health report. it is an effort by each to prove they're fit to be president. what we've learned so far from their doctors. and the threat of zika impacting winter travel plans. soy where can you go to avoid the virus? why you may be paying for if you decide to play it safe.
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it is tractor-trailer thursday. here we go again. every day this week, we've had a big accident, and start with traffic. >> let guess for a ride. skyfox over the scene of an accident that happened about 1:00 this morning, on the new jersey turnpike, it involves two tractor-trailers, and an s.u.v. look at this mess. >> what all that stuff? >> i don't know what the cargo is, a lot of boxes, one of those common freight carriers, and now that we're actually starting to see daylight here, you have everything from pallets, to wood boxes, and we're going to zoom on in, but here is the deal. six people taken to a hospital. you have four people and an s.u.v. each of the tractor-trailer drivers. so, everybody's at a local hospital. what we are dealing with now is not only this mess, but a fuel spill, you can see the difference in the grassy color, that's most likely the fuel, and then the sands on the roadway. only one lane open here, they try to bring in a dumpster to
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deal with the clean up. but the traffic issue is going to be the big problem this morning. let's go to the maps. this is south on the new jersey turnpike, south of exit number four, in mt. laurel, new jersey, and this mt. laurel interchange, one of the busiest in our area on the turnpike, because it connects all of south jersey, and also, with 295. but that's the ticket. 295 is going to be your way to scott right on past it. because it runs parallel to the turnpike, and can get you all the way down to both the brennan the walt whitman bridge bridges. here is a live look at the route 73 interchange, where again, even if you are not using the turnpike, you are going to feel the impact of the delays up above on route 73. another accident here, this is southbound, the roosevelt boulevard, a multi shrek accident. you think you're having bad start to the day? look at these guys all leaning up against the concrete barrier there. southbound boulevard, right near broad street. but i think the forecast is going to give us for some smiles, right, sue?
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>> that's right. because we had the 90 degrees temperatures yesterday. but as promised it is a one day special. so we go back to a ten. even though we do have few clouds around this morning, bus stop buddy, he is smiling, because it is double cheeseburger day. now, most of our temperatures are in the 60s this morning, but we had 50's to the north of us, 47 degrees, in mount pocono, and 67 wilmington, 70, 70 in wildwood. look at that beautiful sunrise today. few clouds around. 67 degrees. breezy out there, with north-northeast wind at 15 miles an hour, but humidity is solo, you will really notice a difference, unfortunately, the colds front hasn't quite made it way through yet, certainly not going to get to 92 again like it did yesterday when we tied the record. seventy-nine is the high. mostly sunny, breezy, cooler today. tonight, it will be until the 50's, even in the city so call that one chilly night. we haven't seen a night this chilly in quite a while.
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guys? >> it will be refreshing. windows open. 7:05 now. well, suspicious man is targeting boys in south jersey, trying to lure them closer. >> yep, steve's been following this now, steve, what do you have in west windsor? >> same description from both boys, tall, dark and creepy. awhile guy dark completed, wearing dark clothes each time. he has deep voice. black leather jacket on on the hot day last friday, black poncho when he tried to strike again, and bring up little boy on tuesday. >> very concerning, have three children, young kids, and, you know, probably good idea for us to make the kids aware of just what it is when you see somebody that probably doesn't belong in the neighborhood. >> the kids, just keep your eyes out. talk to your parent. you know, if an interaction doesn't feel right. trust that. that would be the first thing. your body knows more than you think it does. trust the interaction. and if something doesn't feel right, tell somebody.
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>> my kids for some reason like to play in the front yard, not the back, but probably good lesson to keep it loper -- closer to home. >> both cases in the after school hows, 3:00 to 7:00, and these kid don't know each other and the second kid didn't know about the first kid's case. so they're not making this up. >> not making it up indeed. we believe him. 7:06 now. how about this? as an unbelievable story. >> crews they put out fire inside apartment building in east germantown monday. but when the smoke cleared, they made a disturbing discovery. >> a mid all of the debris and the ashes, body of a man and police say probably stabbed close to 80 times. dave kinchen, police headquarters, dave? >> it is a horrifying case that apparently had to do with a argument he is that's what police are telling us, and it certainly sounds like that, when you think about how disturbing this discovery was. first made by philadelphia firefighters, and then police officers, when firefighters respond today apartment on the 500 block of east church lane
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in germantown. they put out a fire this past monday. and investigators say they found dead man lying on the floor, who was stabbed dozens of times. >> police were called to the scene after firefighters made that discovery. investigators say the body every 64 year old robert lynch was in the advanced stages of decomposition, and was additionally damaged by the fire nab ores reportedly smelled something foul for several days. but wasn't until firefighters made this discovery, we do know that the motive again appears to be some kind of argument he we don't know who did this. police are still looking for that person, back to you. >> all right, stay on it, dave, thank you for that, horrific. >> 7:07. atlantic city police offers here was shot earlier this month, could be released from a hospital as early as today. atlantic city police announce that last night the condition of this officer, josh, has
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been upgraded. he will go into a rehab center after his release, the officer was shot on september the third while responding to robbery outside of grand casino garage. well, second officer shot and killed one of the three suspect. the two others facing charges, the two of them, in court. >> well, clock 08. the battle over soda and other sugary drinks is re kindling, beverage industry local business haves filed lawsuit over philadelphia's soda tax. set to take effect in january, the one and a half cents per ounce tax would raise estimated $90 million a year. that money going not just to pre k programs but also other city services. but, cord together lawsuit filed by the american beverage association, and other small businesses, the tax is illegal because drinks are already taxed through the state. and critics say it puts the burdens end on the working class and mom and pop grocery stores. >> we are in support of pre k, but we want america to do it in a way that's saws sustainable and fair to philadelphia, and this tax is
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in fact. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney called the legal challenge, quote, re pug can't than the. the city announced it is hiring or has hired outside attorneys, to join the city's litigation team. >> that will be a fight. >> i wonder if this will delay the tax being rolled out in january. >> in. >> good point. >> now look may be on the way for philadelphia's iconic jewelers row, but not everybody is happy by a long shot. >> the build he err toll brothers want to demolish seven building on sansom street. planning to build 16 story coined minute yum tower. the 80 unit would add business slice of residential to a district zero always known for retail. america's oldest diamond district. so how is the community taking it? >> build up, make the area safer, will bring better people to the area, and -- >> create activity. >> it will destroy the whole community. destroy the whole jewelers row
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the way it has been for many, many years. >> toll brothers says it plans to keep retail on the grounds floor of it condo, you know, a loft places are built up, maybe has some stores or something on the bottom level. >> you could keep all of the same stores. just build above them. but it sounds like they've already, it sounds like the toothpaste is out of the tube. already purchased five building? >> really? do they have any options instead of getting permits and stuff from the city, sounds like the community just has to roll with t already bought the buildings unless the city says you can't do this? >> this objection should have taken place before the buildings are sold. >> maybe they didn't know they were up for sale. >> probably not. so we'll try to find rendering what it would look like, i would think toll brothers they have buildings all across america, quite expansive. >> you have lived in one. >> did i live in one for quite a while. >> what did you think? >> they're but the full building. >> beautiful enough for jewelers row? >> i'm not going to say. >> okay. >> i don't have a business there. >> that's true. >> i understands why they don't want the building there.
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>> a business that's history behind it. >> that's right. >> and the christmas time whether all of the light and things at jewelers row. >> sure, they have beautiful light at christmas time on jewelers row. but do you know that was a result of a movie leaving those christmas lights behind. the movie company bought the christmas light, put it up, used it on jewelers row, and when they left, they left the christmas lights for jewelers row. and i believe that movie was -- >> what movie? >> silver lining play book. >> really? >> i believe so. >> nice, i learned a little something. >> soup, you want to look no that? i didn't just make that up. no, i don't think i d hacks and healthcare two, things dominating the race for the presidency right now, doug luzader which one do you want to start with the russian hacks or the healthcare? >> reporter: oh, geez. let's start with the healthcare. because we now have kind of these dueling doctors notes between hillary clinton and donald trump.
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pot of whom are saying that they're ready, willing, and fit to serve as president. >> two letters, one is the report the other from lenox ville hospital. >> donald trump taping appearance on the doctor oz show scheduled to air later today. he hands over more information about his health. according to audience members, he is in good condition. >> it said woe like to lose maybe 15, 20 pounds. but that was the only thing that in his health report that was any kind of issue at all. >> and the truth is neither trump nor hillary clinton are likely to be described as par gone's of fitness. clinton released a note of her own. her doctors saying she is fit to serve despite recent health episodes include that near collapse in new york on sunday. she is returning to the campaign trail in north carolina today. and after laying off attacks about her stamina, while she recovered, trump was back at it last night in ohio. >> i don't know, folks, do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour?
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>> it also followed an awkward moment as he reached out to minority voters in michigan. he began to attack clinton. >> now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump, i signed you here -- >> oh, okay. >> not give political -- >> okay, that's good. >> then there is colin powell, the former secretary of state, emails were hacked. revealing that he called trump a national disgrace. and of clinton he wrote i would rather not have to vote for her although she is a friends i respect, a 70 year old person with a long track record unbridled, husband still blanking bimbos at home. >> now, he was apparently referencing an article that appeared in the new york post, as far as that last little anything set current. there is new pole out this morning from cbs news and the new york times showing in a four way race, so if you factor in the thirds party candidate, among likely voters, this is all tied up right now, nationally, hillary
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clinton and donald trump at 42 apiece. >> wow. here we go. few weeks left. doug, thank up, see you again tomorrow. colin powell leaked emails are unbelievable. >> some of the comments made? >> oh, you have to be careful what you put in a e-mail, that's for sure. so we have the doctor's note from, start with, hillary clinton. doctor mike is here to analyze these records. these are not official medical records but simply doctor's note. so we start with hillary clinton. now, i know that -- excuse me? >> excuse me? >> what? >> all right. >> of course that's afterward, of course that's afterward. okay. so here is the doctor's note. from hillary clinton's doctor. >> right. >> and here on "good day" philadelphia, i know this is not a laughing matter but trying to make this doctor's note interesting. so, first up, hillary clinton. >> okay. so, hillary clinton is in pretty good health. i have to say. there are couple of issues that she deals with, let's
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start with this first casino every item up. what's going on with hillary clinton? do we have that? >> cardiac risk factors, okay. so, she had a cardiac calcium score of zero. that's this test that looks at your coronary arteries to see if there are any signs of plaque. she had score of zero. >> what's that mean? >> means very good, very little on the way. >> so zero look? >> yes, there we go. so let's just talk about the fact that her cholesterol from what was provided to me, was pretty good. she has score of zero on her cardiac calcium test. she passes. so ready nothing that regard. >> blood clot? >> had two blood clots, one on her leg one after she fell and had a concussion, basically the blood clot, in my opinion, indicates she has something called hyper co-al recall state. what's that mean? on coumadin blood thinner for life. i mention she had a concussion in the past. >> right.
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>> and she also has takes medication for her thyroid. she has hypothyroid i. now, recently, we have heard she does have a lot of seasonal allergy problems. and recently had pneumonia. and she had a cat scan done that showed she had pneumonia. >> whether it comes to allergies, the doctors said she had several allergy flares. what's an allergy flare? >> we all have seasonal allergies. and she had something put in her ear. she had a little tube. >> because she has had sinusitis. >> right. >> which can be so painful, didn't clear up watch did they stick in here ear? >> they pulled a tube in there, it was put in thereto lessen the pressure behind her ear. >> what we are showing there the medications she's on. i have to admit when i was going through this two page doctor note, some we can't pronouncement. >> but the them up again. >> what about leaflevaquin. >> given to her for her
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pneumonia. collar inch ex is for allergies. she takes b12 shots. i checked b12 levels on people and the coumadin. so, i'm telling you, doctor mike is saying, i don't see any real problems her. her blood pressure is good. everything looked pretty good. good to go. >> but we also want to tell people this is note from the doctor not the exact medical records themselves? >> right. the doctor's note. >> let's check with donald trump, today at 1:00 big interview with doctor oz, but learning something ahead of the interview. >> big new york times article delineating some of the things we'll learn this afternoon on doctor oz, let's go. where is donald trump? >> here we go. >> thank you. there we are. so donald trump we know that he's on a statin drug. that's a cholesterol medicine. so, he has high cholesterol. we know that he's overweight. his weight is above target. and we know that he has a family history of altzheimer's disease.
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now, that doesn't mean that with 100% he'll develop altzheimer areas, just means his father had alzheimer's. >> the one thing you talk about all the time specially for a man is the danger every belly fat. i can't even measure when i'm alive. and donald trump, he's had belly fat as long as i've known him. i'm been having him on tv shows for 15 years. >> claims he has lost weight. i haven't folds donald trump's weight all that much but he claims he is lost -- >> i thought he was looking to lose. >> fifteen to 20 pounds, yes. >> oh, but did he say he has lost 15 pounds over the past 12 month but he want to lose little more. >> right. believe me, no matter who you are, if you are running for president, you're going to lose weight with all of the stress. now, it is a risk to go traveling all over the place,'s he eating out every single meal, and having a lot of risk factors because he is on a plane, not exercising. i don't think that health really is a factor here, folks. i really don't see anything
7:19 am
that makes me so nervous that i would say oh, my goodness gracious we can't. they're not going to make it. >> once again also based on doctor's note from his doctor. >> ryan in the control room, do you have a picture of donald trump's doctor? couple of month ago he said this guy said he thought donald trump was the most fit presidential candidate in history. >> i would disagree with that. when you look at george w, he was running, i don't see donald trump running around the white house. you know, in washington. there have been other presidents that have been far in worse shape, fdr, i mean, look at all of the president's in history that had medical problems. >> well -- >> it doesn't mean that they can't be the president. >> true, president taft goes so large he got stuck in a bathtub. this is the only way to settle. >> this these are doctors notes. these are friends of trump and clinton, right? so, the only way to settle this is to do live television
7:20 am
show or like i mean reality show, live television show on fox, doctor mike, you would be the host. >> okay? >> we would actually bring them out live on television, hillary clinton and donald trump, and do medical exams on them, colonoscopies, do everything live. >> wherever one can see? >> yes. >> have curtains and stuff? >> we need a fame for the show. let's roll tape here. i think we should call it presidential prodding. >> are you feeling better. >> test, every possible test in the world. presidential prodding, stick it live. >> what do you think of it? well, dow play a real doctor in relief. so i would be -- i'm sure, i would be shocked, if they haven't had a colonoscopy. remember this. remember, zip sometimes don't get good care. they don't. because they are always busy,
7:21 am
they're running around, and know tell their doctors what they want to do and what they don't want to do. and both of you know that i tell it like it is, don't care who you are. >> is it up to the doctor to say hey look i'm the doctor? >> well, we work together as a team. so, we work together if you don't want to do something, we work it together. but, the bottom line is you got to take care of yourself. >> of course that's true, now the point of the live show would be you can't trust the doctors notes. >> two pages. >> you do it live. you see live read out of their blood pressure, heart rate and everything. >> well, i want to say something doctor, shouldn't you liver on television get checked out, al next. >> i'm not running for president. >> why not? >> we have to move on here. donald trump almost blew a fuse yesterday talking about the fact that ford is making big, changes, would ford
7:22 am
actually send manufacture of small vehicles to mexico? >> what? all of mexico? >> yes, they are smaller vehicles. made in mexico? well, there is a report that says that's going to happen. >> and first off, induction for the basketball hall of fame, sixers legends allen iverson makes late night tv appearance, see what happens when steven coleburt challenges him to pay for a basketball game. >> yes, paper basketball.
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idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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>> to mexico in the next three years, donald trump was quick to criticize the decision while campaigning in michigan. he said, quote, we shouldn't allow it to happen. they'll make their cars, employ thousands of people, not from this country and sell their car across the border. when we send our jobs out of michigan, we are also sending our tax base. >> hillary clinton also weighing in on this, as well. a similar attitude toward this move by ford. weren't you a little surprised by ford? >> yes and no.
7:26 am
they've spent over a billion dollars on plants in mexico. lot of auto company, fiat, chrysler, most all of them are producing something in mexico. mexico has like almost $700,000 auto workers, not much less than right here in the u.s. they work for less. they are talented, and mexico has trade deals with dozens of other countries. so it makes sense to build cars in mexico. my question, i wasn't so surprised. they save money. it seems like the focus here in the u.s. is on electric cars, on pick-up trucks, and suv's, gas prices are cheap, right? so the point of the small car, it just causes me to think about it. if you are not making a electric car, or putting out for ride sharing, do we need to make small cars here in the u.s. honest question. gas prices are cheap right now. if they go up you might see more customers want small cars. >> i get that. i get. that will and mexico has 700,000 people making cars.
7:27 am
though p hundred thousand people could be in michigan then ship the cars to mexico. >> good question. what happens to the u.s. workers that were making these cars? as they ship down south in the next two, three years. the united auto workers union says they'll just switch over to the suv plant and the pick-up truck plants. >> so they'll keep their jobs? >> yes, seems like it. >> or oh, they can reply, you know what they say, apply for another job in the condition company? >> but 700,000 people in mexico making the cars when the 700,000 people could be making them here. >> so donald trump has said for any car that's made in mexico there is going to be 35% tax on it. in the u.s. >> i got it. >> well, thank you, lauren. >> all right, lauren, listen to this. we have a new work out plan. here is what you need to do, grab bottle of champagne. work out, exercise program, it
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>> here is video from the news van, happened about 1:00 this morning on the new jersey turnpike, involving two tractor-trailers, and an s.u.v. the tractor-trailers, off into the woods here, there is a fuel spill to go along with it, bottom line, all six people involved taken to local hospital. but it is causing for some major backups this morning on the new jersey turnpike, let's go to the maps. this is just south of exit number four, which is route 73 here, in mt. laurel, new jersey, and it will get worse before it get better. because everyone coming from the north and heading south, the back up begins right here, at the route 73 onramp, plus, dealing with some wick sun glare, as well. i-295, is going to be your best alternate, that runs parallel to the turnpike. and it looks lick it will be out there with us at least through the rest of the morning rush hour. little sun glare coming inbound on the schuylkill, westbound, delays out toward belmont. and a water main break in the neighborhood, sixo and lansdowne avenue. your best bet through the day would be media street.
7:32 am
even the school buses got to take the detour. septa running with about 30 minute chase on the chestnut hill line. and then, the rest of the lines, expect some delays in those crowded trains with fewer cars for working with this morning, but sue, at least it is nice out. >> refreshing out there, isn't it? yes, we have the cold front, that's going to take away any chance of heatwave even though we were in the 90s yesterday. still around with some clouds, but off to nice start, bus stop buddy, celebrating double cheeseburger day. wow, 47 degrees mount pocono, very chilly there. fifty-eight in reading. fifty-nine in pottstown, 69 in dover, but all of these temperatures tomorrow morning will be quite chilly. just preview of coming attractions, 67 degrees right now, humidity down, breezes are up, and couple of sprinkles, did tie the record yesterday with high of 92 degrees. today, not so much. seventy-nine is the high. mostly sunny, breezy, and then down in the 50's, even in the
7:33 am
city, tonight, and 40's, guys, in some of the suburbs. >> forty's? >> yes. >> that's cold. do i need to bring out the jacket? >> time for sweat earth. >> boy, big at letter for parents in south jersey, suspicious guys approaching guys trying to lure them. >> this has happened twice in less than a week, and the children they don't know each other but had similar descriptions. so let's get to steve keel which more on this. >> putting this alert out may publicly scare this guy back under his rock or maybe just over to the neighboring towns, so west wind so police aren't the only department warning schools and paren around new jersey to add stranger danger classes to the new school year curriculum. both boys ten and 12 years old describe similar guy, tall guy, white guy, deep voice, over 6 feet tall trying to luring them. guy had black leather jacket on. black, still daylight, black hooded poncho this time. >> up the corner, like i said,
7:34 am
my kids for some reason like to play out the front yard not the back. good lesson to keep them closer to home. >> it makes me cautious and aware. more than anything else. just, you know, just minds full of being vigilant of who i might interact with. >> when we live close to the police, the police department, but, you know, pretty vigilant. for that it definitely is a good time to sort of make sure the kids are aware. >> mike, alex, the guy, the boy saw the guy near any vehicle, no description of what he may be driving and parking near schools. but if he's trying it lure them, not trying to walk away with them. probably driving something. >> probably so. yes. keep an eye out folks. 7:34. >> philadelphia police now saying a body was found after an apartment fire from several days ago, but they say the man is appears to have died from being stabbed to death. police say the man 64 year old robert lynch, stabbed dozens and dozens of times. they say the fire badly burned his body which was already in
7:35 am
advanced stages of decomposition, found his body on apartment flyer, east church lane east germantown. as they investigate the fire monday, police not sure who killed the man. >> and couple found dead inside their atlantic county home died from gunshot wounds. detective believe their deaths may have been a murder suicide. officers discovering the bodies of the man and woman inside their home in ventnor, that happened yesterday afternoon. their names have not been released. and then there is this. the cover of the daily news today. a judge has found a man from around the city known as philly jesus guilty of trespassing, and at the apple store on walnut st. center city. michael grant is his name. he dresses like jesus, and car ace cross around town, refused to leave the store, this was back in may. manager told him, excuse me, but your cross is blocking one of our aisles. oh, hear that? police were called, they arrested him, he was sentenced to three month probation on the trespassing charge, his
7:36 am
lawyer says philly jesus is going to appeal. fresh off his induction into the hall of fame, sixers legend ai the answer allen iverson makes late night tv appearance. see what happens when steven colbert challenge challenged ai to paper basketball game, which we all played as kids. >> ♪
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>> we're pumped for premiere week on fox here, to celebrate, fox is giving away cash cards with $500, starting saturday there is saturday, day after tomorrow during the ohio state oklahoma game, oh, that will be good. and again, monday through friday, on our shows that air from eight to 9:00 p.m.ment simply watch the television screen, and up pops a code words then enter that at for a chance to win. i know, oh, there it is, code word. >> got to have the code word. >> then enter fox29.comment then if we draw your name, book, we sent you check for $500. >> sound good to me.
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>> what's wrong with that? please. >> nothing wrong it at all. >> please, but thank you for watching good day philadelphia, i got no money for you. >> no, watching this is priceless, you really need a prize? this, this, is the prize. >> this is your prize. >> sorry. >> hall of fame for allen iverson stopped by the late show with steel end colbert. >> challenged iverson for game of paper basketball. can you get who won? one, two, three, go. >> oh,. >> oh! >> (cheers). >> i'm oprah winfrey. >> oh, my god.
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>> (buzzer). >> so ai had zero, he's in the hall of fame. let's go, let's go, let's go. >> doing this now? >> who knows. >> go ahead. >> really? >> go ahead. >> i don't have my shoes on. >> you're fine. >> my oval bring socks. >> all ready for the eagles game. >> exactly. >> boom. >> okay? >> oh, boom. >> look at that. >> miss, if you hit there is you win. >> okay. >> don't be nervous.
7:42 am
>> so what, we're tide? >> tide. >> i can deal with that. >> what is all this? >> that's my blanket. it is cold in here. give me my blanket. >> oh, my god, like a pole/pony there. you have a little thing, saddle on. >> okay. so where are we going? >> going to jen. >> oh, jenn fred. >> she is working out with some champagne, the glass, not the bottle. >> you fill the glass of champagne, then try not to spill it? >> yes, there is a lot of balancing that goes into it. the question is looking good, sheree. look, she is the roll deal instructor, she will tell us after the break, whether she thinks this is helping us at all. keep going. you look good. don't mess up now. you're on tv.
7:43 am
7:44 am
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7:45 am
>> this tractor-trailer accident happened early this morning, about 1:00 involving two tractor-trailers and an s.u.v. six people taken, to the local hospital this is where the tractor-trailers under dollars up after the crash, off the roadway, all the debris and of course an oil spill. going to the maps. this is south on the new jersey turnpike south of exit
7:46 am
four, route 73, bamm, already, i told you this would happen down to only one lane southbound as you roll through mt. laurel. >> best bet i2 the a, that runs parallel to the turnpike, yep, probably diagnose to have delays through cherry hill and bellmawr, three lanes on t of 295 instead of just the one on the new jersey turnpike, some wick sun glare on the schuylkill expressway, as well, live look here, right near the conshy curve working your way in toward philadelphia. put about 40 minute altogether. on the clock as you head eastbound. and if you are hungry i got spot for you jump in the news van, jump to brewster down in vie lan, see you don't there between 9:00 and ten plus bring the kids, i'll give you little excuse note for school to stay out with me little extra later on this morning.
7:47 am
forecast, good looking, good for this morning, sue has the answer, coming up in 15 secretary. >> down to vineland, where ever you are go, be sure to have your shades, few clouds. this is julia, the tropical depression now, just off the coast of the carolinas, unfortunately, we're in the going to get any rain from that. i know. need the rain. that's not going to happen. looks like one little area of rain in southern new castle count any delaware. that's because the cold front hasn't quite come through the area just yet. autumn begins a week from today. it is the fall equinox, it happens thursday, at 10:21 a.m. thursday week from today the
7:48 am
22nd so last days of summerall though will feel a bit oilatum until at the ballpark today, phillies have one more game with the pirates, cooler night than last night, game time temperature 77 degrees. right now it is 67 here. it is 72 in cape may. in medford lakes it is 64 degrees, mays landing has 67. walking out the moore valley forge, it is 62, but perkasie, only 57 degrees. soy 46 days of 90 days or booth. it may be it for the year. and we are well above the average of 27. and typical year. but what's typical year anyway? 79 degrees today. eighty tomorrow. lovely days feeling a little bit crisp, especially tomorrow morning with 59 degrees in the city. and another cool morning on saturday, with high of 82. we get some much needed rain mike and alex, unfortunately it, happens on sunday. >> that's sunday fun day. >> let's reverse that, maybe
7:49 am
it is fortunate it is on a sunday it, wouldn't interrupt our morning and evening commute. >> this is true. get it out of the way sunday. >> oh, you glass half full guys. >> you know us. >> thank you. gratitude. and a better attitude is my -- >> , no it is gratitude is my new attitude. >> exactly what i meant. >> you can't even say it right. shows a lot. >> gratitude is my new attitude. >> there if you. >> and very grateful for our troops. so week from tomorrow, we are going to do it again. next friday, salute the troops. we do this every year. we've been doing it every year since 9/11, love it, come on down to fourth and market. we shutdown market from third to fourth, if you come out, join us, to say thank you to the men and women of our military, why don't you bring picture of your family help who is now serving or did serve before. all right, so there is a new work out concept out there. and you know jen is trying to keep us all fit. we appreciate that, jenn fred. so, she says: forget the barn
7:50 am
bells and stuff like that. the kettle bells, whatever. use glass of champagne. >> champagne flute? >> a flute, and this reminds me of this picture right here. kim kardashian on paper magazine. when she, that is a famous cover. >> who knew this could be a work snout have so you put the glass on your um. >> okay. so the champagne that was brought to us here is way too good. right? we don't want to waste the champagne. but this is champagne, thank you, for helping us with out that. but we do want to say that we have filled it up to the little bit of liquid. cher see here from sweat. good morning. >> good morning. >> overall, you know, one of these things we found on the internet, kind of whatever. you say there is some value to this? >> absolutely. >> what is that? >> we can substitute water or champagne if you will, for any form of balance training. so today, basically, we will use the champagne flute as our
7:51 am
marker. >> cool. and so it is basically giving us some, something to focus on? >> right. it will be your center of gravity. >> okay, so we begin with you go little up there. ill observe right here. so everyone is worried about their eastbound all the time. >> right. >> so what are we doing here? >> so what i want you to do. take your right hand. place the champagne flute, good. i want you to think of four key concept. keeping your neck or cervical spine very straight. your clavicle which is this bone right here, plenty, east to west, pretend you have a ruler right here. then also keeping your abs straight specially through your ribs, and then your hips are nice and level. so we go ahead, work the obliques, twist to the right, this to the right, and then go ahead and lift back up again. >> how did dow? >> perfect. >> do one of these, ten tell me the next thing i do? >> next up we will bring the seat about two-fifth apart. good, taking the flute forward. then go ahead, extend the left leg back.
7:52 am
>> okay. >> good. again, remember, key concept go, ahead, square off, keeping the neck nice and long. then go ahead, lift the arm and lift the electric at the same time g ahead, little pulses. >> again, if there were champagne in there i'm really not spilling it. >> goodment. up. cue the eyes up as women. take it to the floor. >> i don't see why not. okay. mike the for he was very concerned with one question. are you allowed to drink inbetween the exercises that. >> i don't advise that you drink between exercises, unfortunately. however, after we can most definitely indulge. >> oh, okay. so. >> there is a carrot at the end of this. >> so tell me what the next one is? >> next one, go ahead, key concept, center of gravity, squeeze your inner thigh. >> okay. >> good, take the champagne flute. take the fingers and plant them toward you. >> okaying. >> actually going to go ahead and pike up, lift, and squeeze the bottom. then go ahead and lower down. again go, ahead, pike up.
7:53 am
>> i haven't spilled a drop yet. >> she is really good. up, up. >> and lower. >> and next work out on the internet. >> yes, we. >> people can come to sweat, warning out without champagne. i'm assuming you don't have sham pack at your workouts? >> unfortunately we do not. but we do do corporate event, though. >> guys, i have to keep working out so tada. >> why don't you just put water whatever in it and this looks like saturday night's why the answer house. >> makes sense. >> but you get to drink the glass of champagne. >> only if it remains between your knees. >> oh,. >> how about that? that would be a good core work out. >> be flexible. more than just your core. >> uh-huh. this was really weird. some really bad timing forerunners up in allentown. i feel for them. a freight train got in the middle of their marathon as they are trying to qualify for the boston marathon. does the boston marathon say this is okay, we'll lent
7:54 am
you -- let you ender? we'll tell you. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
7:55 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
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7:57 am
>> 7:57. as you know you have to qualify for the boston that monday, the world's most familiar marathon. so, you have got to run a marathon, then turn your time to the folks up in boston. well, there was ill-timed slow moving freight train in allentown, tan derailed, a group of runners, dream to go compete in the boston that monday. >> so lauren you have more on what happened? >> supposed to be big qualifier race. do well, and you might be able to run in the boston marathon. >> it was well underway, slow moving freight train in allentown stops the runners their tracks, guys. so marathon organizers new this was a possibility. they were reassured the train was not going to be running between that time. well, that wasn't the case the train crosses the tracks in the seventh mile of the race. >> what?
7:58 am
>> messing up the times. you see there, people just standing there? some runners reported being stopped for up to ten minutes. that makes big difference what trying to qualify. organizers tried to adjust the times, assuming they would be accepted, but the boston athletic association said nope, we can't accepted the adjusted times, in fact, jack fleming, spokesperson for the the association says in a statement we've communicated to the race organizers out there that we will accept un adjusted times for the purpose of qualifying for the boston marathon. so this mishap may have ruined some runners dreams of running in the marathon. >> sure did. >> the registration started monday, open up to people, some of the runners those will have their times reviewed on case-by-case basis. >> what are the odds every that? >> can you believe it? one manny red an article saying there was his last chance to qualify. >> oh, that stinks. >> of all the things. >> i understand what boston is saying though, because if you took the time that the train was rolling through, and then
7:59 am
subtract that from the runners time, it would make sense, but they had ten minutes to rest. >> true. but standing there. >> and then they could pick up the pace and maybe have better qualifying time that he they would have had. >> true. >> oh, after all that work. >> to lose that way. >> you know what this reminds me of. >> what? >> it would be like us trying to read this next story about uber with bob kelly trying to pus up his make up in our camera lens. so let me get into this story. uber uses in pittsburgh, getting a glimpse into the future thanks to self-driving cars. >> so, the fleet hit the streets in the city yesterday. can you see it at all? >> and the ford fusions are picking up riders who volunteer to participate in the pilot program. >> the cars are. >> navigate on their own. >> able to. >> i thought it was the name
8:00 am
after vehicle. are able to, see, even without bob in there, the copy is so screwed up i can't read it. >> yes judge. >> we don't even need your distraction. >> the model of the navigator. >> does look like it. >> how do i look? >> you look fantastic. >> real tan. >> i don't think that i would order an uber car that was automatic, didn't have a driver. >> then you wouldn't have to wore burks you know,. >> that's something about uber. what is it about an uber driver, they're all chatty. >> maybe there is -- >> they're very chatty. >> i know some people who literally do it just to meet people. they have told me before. hey -- >> do what? snored. >> they drive uber cars, work with uber x because they like meeting people and having conversations and discussions, then i have people try to solicit business, what i have gotten into the back after uber. hey what's your job, what do
8:01 am
you do? i kind of do it thing, i was wondering if you could schedule time to discuss it and let me know about this business opportunity. i was like -- >> so using uber as dating service basically? >> , no think real bring trying do a business opportunity like one of those pyramid things? >> i had an uber driver one night, chris murphy and bring out. >> oh, we know the store. >> i drivers us over to northern liberties, going party. >> oh, i remember. >> talking to her about the party. she went out, got into the party with us for like two hours. >> hey guys, like who is this? >> oh, our uber driver. >> i was oh, okay. >> then stayed for couple of hours and drove us home. >> now, did she charge you for all that time? that's what i want to know. >> not for the two hours, just for the two rides. >> and you came to the party, do you really have to charge us to drive you back? we gave you a great party. >> even brought her a couple of drinks. no, she didn't drink them, she was driving. that didn't happen. re waned -- rewind, take that out. good day, never happened.
8:02 am
>> ya, okay. >> this is "good day philadlephia". >> scary situation for parent in south jersey. a preditor targeting kids. >> luckily the children got away. what is being done now to protect our children. >> careful where you travel. zika is affecting a lot of upcoming family vacations. why you should prepare to spend more money for safer destination. >> from your grill to your juice, should you be adding charcoal to your lemonade or whatever juice you like? the beauty benefits has many people reaching for glass of charcoal. >> the dog whisperer is here. >> the reason why he tax why people are sitting down, laying down, because anything triggers nervousness. >> ceasar milan is in fill toy help abandoned dogs, but first
8:03 am
trying to help us with an important eagles prediction. >> oh, eagles bears? >> yes. >> okay, so the dog that he's bringing, cesar is bringing is going to run to the logos of either the bears and eagles prediction, will win money. >> how nice. >> did you know it is national make a hat day? sue has a challenge. >> right. >> only have until midnight to make a hat out of yarn. >> and i started 5:40 in the morning on facebook live with bob kelly. this is how far i've gotten it. it won't even cover my ears. >> not national headband day, national hat day. >> i know. >> coming along. >> see a doctor. >> all right, so we will try to continue this inbetween, i forgot i had to actually do my job. ya, so let's get to it. because i'm very happy to report that we have a ten again. had 90s yesterday, the one day special we told you about that's not going to happen
8:04 am
today. it is double cheeseburger day, bus stop buddy has different lunch than eating hoagie yesterday. temperatures mostly in the 60s, pretty nice start. in the 50's in allentown mount pocono. we have close to 07 degrees in wildwood. sixty-seven in wilmington. at the airport, 66 degrees, 12-mile per hour breeze out of the northeast, relative humidity gone down, 52%, couple of sprinkles with a cold front that hasn't quite made it through just yet. we did tie that record yesterday by the way. talking about this all day wednesday. 92 degrees happened at 4:29 p.m. so that tied the 1995 record. not going to be anywhere near that today. with a high temperature of a very lovely bob kelly 79 degrees. >> looking good, feeling good, except for the new jersey turnpike. sue, skyfox over the scene of this double tractor-trailer accident. happened about 1:00 this morning, two tractor-trailers, and an s.u.v. look at the hot mess, all of the cargo, all over the side of the roadway.
8:05 am
plus, a fuel spill, but it is causing a major back up this morning. as we go to the maps, it is south on the new jersey turnpike, just south of exit number four, mt. laurel. that's one of the busiest interchanges, on the turnpike here, in our area, and your best bet, is going to be using i-295 to get yourself south of the accident scene. plenty of time, sun glare, folks now jumping off route 73 to catch up with 295 so the whole area in mt. laurel, a mess this morning, and an accident on the blue route, 476, right near mcdade boulevard, causing delays, and we got that water main break it is 60th and lansdowne avenue causing a mess, as women. the best bet for the school buses and the cars? would be media street, throughout the midday. mike and alex back over to you. >> 805:67:89 got to keep our kids close today. suspicious man going up to young boys and in south jersey trying lure them into a vehicle, probably. >> this has happened twice in less than a week. >> that's right. >> steve keeley on it, what
8:06 am
parents need to know. steve? >> almost seems like every school year we do these luring stories, these creams come out as soon as kids go back to school. two weeks into the school year with this story. six weeks remember, before halloween, when the kids will be on the streets, so, parent here in west windsor, and the surrounding suburbs, now, worrying about letting their kids out of their site. normally, it is safe suburb here, but two boys, ten and 12 years old, say probably the same guy since both descriptions from both kids are so close, tried to lure them, to go with him, first time friday after school at 3:00 then the second case just two days ago at 7:00 p.m. the boys describe the guy, well over 6 feet tall, white guy, dark complexion, deep voice, the first time he had a black leather jacket on on friday when it was real hot out. second time, black poncho, with the hood up on tuesday. >> very concerning, i have three children, young, young kids, and, you know, probably
8:07 am
good idea to make the kids aware of just what it is when you see somebody that probably doesn't belong in the neighbor haded. >> the kids, just keep your eyes out. talk to your parent. if an interaction doesn't feel right, trust that. that would be the first thing. you know, your body knows more than you think it does, trust the interaction, if something doesn't feel right, tell. >> probably good lesson keep it closer to home. >> this is two boys do not know each other. second boy, did not even know about the first incident since not even publicized yet. so very unlikely these two boys are making this up. police and parent certainly believe them 100% since police have stepped up their patrols, 200% near all schools. alex, mike? >> all right, steve. everybody careful out there. 8:07. we have an unusual version of these soldier reunited family members store. >> i like when they were surprised? >> surprise reunions.
8:08 am
>> this one different. you know the moms or dads come back, reunited with their kids. so two little kids have not seen each others because families moved apart from each other, used to play together every day, they haven't seen each other in over a year. i want to see this? >> yes. >> here we go. >> look, over there. >> (laughing). >> you can give her a hug. >> i missed you. >> now, this goes on. for almost a minute. >> and they grow up and they get married and they live happily ever after. >> let's hope so. okay, this is adorable. hold on. >> oh. >> even cynical mike jerrick is beginning to cry.
8:09 am
well, not really. but close. >> you're feeling something on your smart. >> let's go. >> oh, this is good. this is good. >> oh. >> hey, megan, can you re wrap that from the beginning? because no matter what age a guy is, we still try to play it off as cool. >> what? >> now, watch him. i don't even really care. >> you again? >> run to him, what does he do? first he looks like oh, ya. >> you can give her a hug. >> all right, maybe i will. >> why do you men do that? judge are you guys so worried about that? >> we don't want it look like we're emotional and romantic yet we're more romantic than women, i believe. >> you need to find better men. >> maybe i do. i feel like sometimes i understanded normal settings, someone you're interested in and that you're dating it is okay, at times, so you know,
8:10 am
show little emotional side. show us you care. >> pull the curtain back from my heart? >> something like that. >> see, he knew he was being videotaped. >> is that why he looked? >> darn right. >> i thought he looked at it like ya, she's excited to see me. >> if no other guys are watching, i know i'm not videotaped, i love you so much. but other guys standing around, oh, ya, how are you? >> then you lose the girl, oh, he's not interested. he is over here playing it cool, i'm trying to run into your arms. >> that's right. as my mom used to say, don't worry about it, mike. you know, women are like septa buses. >> oh, if you miss one? >> there is another one coming down the block. >> oh, horrible. >> she never said that. >> ya. >> horrible. same thing foremen, don't worry about it, men are like septa pus cents -- buses. >> yep. >> one just went by. >> please join us week from tomorrow. annual salute the military. come to fourth and market. we shutdown between third and fourth between 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. it is to honor the men and
8:11 am
women of the military so if you come down, i would suggest bringing a frames picture or just picture of somebody who is serving in the military in your family who has served in the past. we'll see you friday, week from tomorrow. olivia wilds, you know her, she is upset. she's pregnant, and she slams subway riders for making her stand or any pregnant woman stand. what do you think of this? well of course you give up a seat to pregnant women. but, maybe not so much in 2016. >> bye first, careful where you travel, zika interrupting family vacations. why you should prepare to spend more money if you are trying to go to what's considered safer destination. >> that's what i need. if i can't go to all every these places i nidal turn tiff places i can go. do we have that list? #. >> yes, we do.
8:13 am
8:14 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> 8: 14, quick update on the tropics for you. julia, has been, downgrade today tropical depression, with 35-mile per hour wind, still kind of swirling off the carolina coast, not expected to make its way to our area even though we need the rain. tropical storm iaian, still in
8:15 am
the middle of the atlantic ocean not bothering anybody, what we have to watch for next week, drop cap depression 12, just form off the west coast of africa, 35 pile per hour winds, doesn't have to strengthen too much to become tropical storm, probably will, and then it will get the name of carl, and that is a k, karl. lisa, matthew, nicole are after. that will just so you know. we've got julia, but none of the rain from it, we did have a sprinkle or two around this morning, because the cold front still here. but, most of that is dried up. we're going to get cooler temperatures throughout the day than we had yesterday for sure when we were in the 90s, 66 in philadelphia, 68 in dover, to the north of us, 51 degrees, in mount pocono. and the win direction has changed from southerly winds to northerly winds, that's why, the air is dryer, so we've got close to 80 degrees today, and probably 820 tomorrow. eighty-two saturday, with increasing clouds in the afternoon, getting ready for some much needed rain.
8:16 am
don't think we'll get whole lot of rain sunday maybe half inch to inch. but the showers and thunderstorms will pop up any time throughout the day with high of 84 degrees. so bob kelly keep remembering we need the rain. >> we need the rain, need the rain, i wish we had better news for the folks on the new jersey turnpike, still mess, southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike, jammo, in all of route 73, exit four, double tractor-trailer accident. happened about 1:00 this morning, but only the left lane is open. because of a fuel spill. and we are a parking lot here from say approaching mt. laurel, all the way down to the scene folks are bail out now along route 73, so that's clogging that stretch of the roadway. and if you are getting ready to leave the house grab your coffee, keys, head for 295 that will get you around the delay vehicle fire, northbound into philadelphia, right at
8:17 am
the route 55 depford interchange look live at the blue route, jam up southbound because of accident down near i-95. mike and alex back over to you >> he's very flexible. >> he can bend his knees. >> look at him doing it now. >> you know the zika virus primarily spreads through mosquitos, but, you can also get zika by having sex. >> so pregnant women, or women who become pregnant urged to stay clear of seek a prone areas because of the risk of birth defect. >> talking about areas of the worlds? according to the cdc, men and women, without symptoms of zika virus, but who may have been exposed should wait at least eight weeks before trying to con receiver. important to know, men who have been diagnosed with zika virus, are urged to have safe
8:18 am
sex, use a condom, for at least six months. so let's get into. >> this if you are planning a trip, you should steer clear of puerto rico, if you are planning to get pregnant, too. puerto rico, they've had something like 50,000 cases, ridiculous, yes by comparison, florida, 43. >> another high number of cases to avoid, caribbean, mexico, central and south america. >> i know a guy studying this, our travel expert, mark murphy, did we over state that? there are there are cases so it is really showing up. the question is if you are planning on getting pregnant or trying to get pregnant in the next six months, probably should avoid it, but the risk very low. little over 100 cases puerto rico has a lot more, other destinations again relative to the population, not a l i
8:19 am
mean, 80 million people in mexico, hundreds have got the zika virus, so i think it is little over blown. but good to be cautious if you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant. i would stay away if that's indeed the case. >> what if you are someone nervous about there is oh, just couple of hundred of cases if your area saying hey i don't want to go to any place i heard certain number of places i want took someplace save zone, hasn't been any? >> plenty of that. most of the worlds is quote safe. where do you want to go? star out west, go to hawaii, beautiful destination. it is stunning. it is a dream destination for most travelers. it is a hike from here, but non-stop flight from newark that will get you there it about 11 hours nonstop. and you don't have to connect and spend the extra time. you have got great choices on the ground there. you can do adventure travel, all sorts of great things in hawaii. i would rec hawaii. if you want to stay on the mainland, then look at lasts like arizona specially if our golfer. because arizona is wonderful destination. you can go up to the grand canyon. look at that shot.
8:20 am
amazing. >> dry? >> dry, in the dessert basically. you don't have it worry about the bloody mosquitos, wonderful, stop instead own an on the way from phoenix up to the grand canyon, have beautiful trip. >> alex, have you ever been to sed own a. >> i've been to phoenix noticed own a. >> go north about two hours, the red rocks, and they have energy centers there, you stand there, and you soak up energy, a line your shockers, your shockers could use a lining. >> also, emit alpha waves. >> oh, i do. >> specially so. >> don't go when mike is there. >> what is the one with the orange looking rock and stuff that people go in arizona? i know, bad. >> are you talking about utah's zion national park? >> no, in arizona. >> probably sped donna. >> orange rock in arizona? we have really narrowed it down. orange rock in arizona? >> hold on. >> certain thing that a lot of people take pictures. >> is it an after snatch. >> yes. >> i think your thinking sigh
8:21 am
owe national park. >> no. move on, hold on, i will get it together. okay? >> you don't know the town, city i love? if the weather is clear, vancouver. >> so vancouver is stunning, you can line that up with victoria, you can go up to the ski areas, depending on the time of year. but summertime my favorite time to be in vancouver. >> i agree. >> as well as mountains, can't really be the mountains, and that experience, and then you can go north from there. >> why stop there? go north. >> disrate to up alaska, in fact, a lot of the cruise lines basically port out of vancouver, and they dot inside passage to up alaska. >> oh, i love. >> then you see the glaciers, get out, do dog sledding, take helicopter ride, land on a grin err, get out and walk on the glare err, watch out for the fishers, if you go into one of them you're never coming out. >> now a fish is her not a human casting a loin. >> no. >> this is a crack in ice. >> yes. >> a fish your. >> thank you moore.
8:22 am
>> fissure. >> speaking that far i found the place in arizona. cantelope canyon. >> oh, cool. >> imagine? >> yes, please, a picture of can't loan cap john. cool picturesment look at that. >> stunning, absolutely. >> ya! >> i want to go there. >> i want to go. >> then you also mentioned norway, too. >> norway. >> coastal, take a cruise, i mean there is dough these voyages, hard to pronounce, but they do this coastal have i and route. they stop 20, 35, along the way, very cool experience. >> so what about some people who say, okay, i've already kind of planned my trip. i've been nervous about it, avenue friend getting married, already had her honeymoon plan. my gosh. all of the bridesmaids, she is wondering if she should cans tell. >> where? >> caribbean? >> yes, i think the caribbean. >> should i cans tell? they said no, certain types of bug sprays you can use, and you should be fine. >> cdc recommend things that include deet. and they say that's totally
8:23 am
safe. another chemical, plant base. >> how do you say it? >> pickerriden? so that is another one. and you mentioned something? >> i'm going to the caribbean, taking mosquito netting for over the bed. >> oh, you are you going to walk with a net around you? >> totally wrapped in a net. >> i thought you had some bracelet you like? >> down in saint bart's bracelets, yellow, smell like bug repellent, put them around your wrists and ankles, work for me. >> new tip. learned something new. >> thank you very much. >> with the best cast and morning team. >> and cantelope canyon. >> here is a picture. look at. that will isn't that amazing? >> that is sick. that was shot with iphone? >> i'm going there one day mike. >> oh, my god. i thought i had seen everything. >> in arizona? >> in arizona. >> good to see you. >> always. >> thank you, mark, appreciate it. >> is this a good move for playboy? what happened to profit when the magazine dropped the
8:24 am
nudity? do you think sales went up or down, if you don't see make people in the magazine? >> i think all down. narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families'
8:25 am
safety on a loophole. at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
8:26 am
i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548!
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whoo! i mean, whoo. >> a joke for as long as the magazine has been around, i buy the magazine for the articles. women, get this. it may be true. playboy stopped publishing nude photos back in march. since then, sales of the magazine have actually increased 30%. take that. and playboy representatives say that's what they were expecting. oh, bull. it is not all good news for them though. paid subscriptions have actually dropped by nearly a quarter. >> so just people that are walking by in stores and paying for them then? >> you can see the cover oh, that looks like interesting article. so, that's up little bit. but people have not getting it monthly. >> now the communities are home, no, mom, really, they changed it up, i can get it now, it is okay.
8:28 am
>> ya. >> let's order it. >> it is not under the mattress any more. it is on the coffee table. you know what? i've never purchased a playboy magazine. >> ya sure. >> not kidding. >> but somehow ended up in your room? >> no, never really interested in that. i know it is hard to believe. national childhood obesity month. so what better time to, you know, change how our kids are eating. but see this young woman here? on the left? she's 14. she decided to take on this topic, this issue of obesity in america. by cooking for her family. taking the bull by the horns. right? do it yourself. i love that. will you make something for us? >> yes. >> i'm hungry for a taco. can you do it? >> yes. >> okay.
8:30 am
8:31 am
big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> olivia wild is angry, slams subway riders for making her stand, what do you think? i mean, does this really still
8:32 am
apply? should you give up your seat when you see a pregnant woman common the train? what about someone little oiledder? should you give up your seat? do people still do that? way in. and then the doing whisperer is here, ceasar millan is here. plus he'll help us with eagles prediction. we want to win. fly eagles fly. first september is national childhood owe beast at this awareness month, good time for the whole family to re-evaluate their eating habits, also make better chases so we start by giving you some statistics, childhood obesity more than doubled in children and quadruple in add less ants in the past 30 years, get this, in 2012, more than one third of children at less and the were overweight or obese. and children who are obese likely to be obese as an adult. and are more at risk for health problems, like heart disease, type two die beat eats, stroke, cancer, avoid all of this and break the bad habit. where should you start? apparently start with your own
8:33 am
child. we have doctor cherser here. you have some advice for us, 14 year old guest hole does the cooking in her home. good morning. >> good morning. >> high. >> high. >> so how long have you been cooking then in your family? >> ever since i was eight # years old. >> you had a desire, you wanted ton health? >> yes. >> what made you want to be healthier? >> i feel more comfortable of being who i am. >> okay. and was your family were they on board? they were okay with it? >> yes. >> here is the thing doctor, when it comes to making sure the home they are eating right sometimes you have to make it exciting or make it little different? kids view the healthy foods -- >> you have to make it fun, i think one of the best ways to involve your kids in the cooking. that's why she is here with us today to help us make a recipe. because kids learn what they see. so the more you involve your kids the more fun they'll finds it. and the more likely they'll be to try the food they make. >> dinnertime in your house. what's for dinner what are you cooking?
8:34 am
>> peppers. >> peppers, okay, tacos? >> taco peppers. >> instead of tortilla, your using what? >> a pep. >> bell pepper watch do we do first? >> making recipe from the saint chris foundation farm to family program. and it is called big spell peppers. first thing pre heat your oven to 400, and then you're going to cut your pepper, scoop out the inside, wash it out. you're going to cook your pepper for five to eight minute depending how soft you like your shell or how hard you like your shell. >> you love hard shell tortilla tacos. >> cook less. >> will be little can i piss. >> use any bell pepper you want. put any topping you want inside. so we prepared bunch of differentiate of toppings. you can do chicken. >> probably get in trouble, what, you get the ground beef, you put it together, you get the taco sauce, putting all kind of seasonings and extra stuff in it. >> right. >> you definitely want to make your own seasoning. one of my recommendations is
8:35 am
to really try to avoid process food as much as possible. >> all right. >> anything you cook for yourself will be better than something you buy processed. >> this looks like grounds turk. >> i grounds turk. >> i we put our own homemade taco seasoning, that our die test came up with. >> okay. >> angel smith. and she mixed a bunch of onion powder, garlic powder, cumen, little bit of or regular know, and tiny bit of sauce, has way less sodium than the taco seasoning packets from the store. you can do ground beef, you can do ground turkey, downing chicken, you can also do beans and corn, or you can even do tofu. >> all right. >> as a vegetarian option. so once you cook your bell peppers, stuff them with the meat. and then you -- >> cheese? >> yes. >> and we're using low-fat cheese, good option for people. and you put it back in the oven. so your cheese melts all nice. >> okay? >> phorology. >> for ten minute or so? depending on how well you like your cheese melted.
8:36 am
>> from the corn on there? >> and then you can top it with whatever you want. so what i really like about this recipe, if you have some picky eaters in your family, so many of them can do tomatoes, some avacado, some lettuce, depending on what the different kinds like, everybody can make their own. >> look, mike, over here. while mike is digging in putting toppings on there, is this, working this program, what do the families do meet with ooh guys every so often? >> before six weeks, myself, pediatrician, physical therapist, dietition, and we give them advice on how they can make changes to the family. one of the things that we really like to recommend is the ap recommendation, which is 5210. we actually changed because it is philadelphia, so 21 an is our area code. so 2150. so two is two hours or less of tv screen time that's tablets, telephone, computer, all of that added together. >> okay. more than two hours a day. less is better. one is one hour of exercise,
8:37 am
every day, that's anything that get your heart rate up. so gisele likes to dance, that's what she likes to do. >> what casino? >> hip hop. >> hip hop. so what do you do, with your friends or do you have a class. >> i have a dance class. >> you have your own dance class. >> yes. >> wow how often do you that. >> two times a week. >> cool. so what kind of results have you seen doctor with families who have done this program. >> we've seen various different result. main thing the whole family can make changes together and just get into a healthier lifestyle. and so five is five fruits and vegtables a day. so either five fruits, four fruits, one vegetable, and then one is a zero sorry is zero sugary beverages. so that's juice, soda, gatorade. >> water. >> lemonade, iced tee, so lot of water. >> my gosh. >> 2150, really easy thing to remember. 2150. where can people watching this that say i want to find out more about my family?
8:38 am
>> go to the saint chris website, st. christopher website for children. com. go to the, and they have a lot of information on 5210. >> mike, how does it taste? >> i have to tell you it is really good. congratulations. >> thank you, gisele. >> i have two daughters. when they were 14 they were total failures. >> cooking dinner. >> no, laying around and watching it. v. >> keep it up, gisele. >> thank you. >> you're an inspiration. i like you. >> thank you. >> you know, st. christopher hospital for children, they used to have cooking classes for kids. >> we did. >> try that again? >> we did do that last year actually, we had six different cooking classes. >> i like the idea. >> great idea. >> let's try it again. >> we'll get it back. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> 8:38. well, now is a time to get a holiday job. but how can you ensure that you will get hired? the one thing about your appearance that makes you more likely to land the job. hum, i wonder what it could be? when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:42 am
>> take a look at these men and women. i am objection un the left, bit slimmer than those on the right. new study found employers were more likely to offer a job to a woman who is thinner, especially, when it comes to positions where the candidate would have direct contact with customers like in a clothing store. but get this, researchers say the body weight of a man did not appear to factor into the decision about whether to hire him or not. oh, gosh. really? >> double standard. >> just can't win. >> no. >> all right. jen is now doing interviews with big time stars on tv shows on fox. >> and one from empire. >> hey, jen? >> i can't go to los angeles, without talking to empire, and
8:43 am
yaz, of course, was, there so the question s. when they're onset filming empire, who is he watching? who is the cut up? who is the crazy person? it is not cookie. it is not taraji, probably surprised who is the funniest person on that set. narrator: terrorism here at home.
8:45 am
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who
8:46 am
threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. >> 8:46. today is make a hat day. i started this at 5:40 this morning, this is how far i've gotten. headband so far. so i thought i would keep you updated on the progress, i have until the end of the day to finish that off. now, we've got tropical storm, former tropical storm, not tropical depression julia, down to the south of us, spreading clouds. cold front, still making it way through our area. cool things down fosh today, won't be getting into the 90s again. you know what's happening a week from today? maybe not all of the leaves falling just yet, but autumn will begin, 10:21 a.m., thursday, september 22nd, week from today. so tonight, might get little preview of the season.
8:47 am
if you are going out to the ballpark, this is cooler night than last night. start off with 77 degrees, when the first pitch is thrown at 7:05. and then temperatures dropping after. that will you might even need a sweater. oh, boy. 79 degrees, today. and look at tomorrow morning's low, and saturday morning's low temperatures. we will be in the 50's, even in the city. 80 degrees tomorrow, 82 saturday. so, pretty nice weather through that period. but, we start getting cloudy on saturday, by sunday, we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms. we do need the rain. done. >> i think i have a bell pepper in my teeth. >> no, you look good. you look fine. >> do i? >> ya, do you want it there? >> no. look at you. anyway. >> next week, the fox, well, the fox, fox, will roll out all of the new tv shows, the new season of empire starts --
8:48 am
>> next week is it really time? >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. it is time. >> hey, jen? >> hey, guys, yes, really time, all next week we will be talking about this, remember, the first season of empire people didn't really know what to expect. then the second season, people were a little almost too excited. well, guess what? yaz from philly says season three, he's amped. >> i'm just happy to be a part of history. we're growing. we're doing season three. hopefully season four, five, six, whatever. you know, and this is our best work, season three. >> really? >> yes. >> the one thing that he says he does have to do even though he's been playing this role for a little while now, is study the lines. he says, every night, every day, he has to make sure that he knows every part of this character. >> it is so much studying for me because i get scripts every day. and they change. so i just have to know my lines, and make sure i can do
8:49 am
them in my sleep really. >> yes? >> yes. >> do you stay up at night worried about the next morning? >> no, not at all. you know, i believe in my writers, my show writer eileen shaking, and i'm here until the charge is her not supposed to be here any more. >> is that a tease? is that a little bit after tees? will he survive season three? well, one thing that i confess to him, that all of us here hern philadelphia, we watch all of the actors on their social media accounts. because they're pretty funny. so he says he, too, follows taraji and terrence and everyone, but he says when it comes to watching their actions, onset, while they're towelly filming, there is one person he keeps his eyes on. >> onset i watch terrence. and i feel him, too. he does the most funniest things when it is just time to just wait for cameras, light to set up. he is just a character himself. and he's like hilarious. >> offset who do you watch? >> offset it would have to be
8:50 am
my crew, my hair and make up crew. they're energetic. they're fun, too, they're amazing, shout out to nolan the barber, bj, the whole make up and hair crew. ya, he is giving a lot of shout outs today. you can see it in his vibe he's grown little more comfortable doing these interviews, little more cool with what's happening around him. one thing that shook him a little? moriah carry on the set. guys, we will talk about what happened when she filmed her role as a guest star. moriah carry, comes to see cook. >> i oh, that will be big. >> the episode i want to see. jen, you might want to talk to the guys behind you on that bench. i think they're enjoying themselves. >> yes. >> just don't look. okay. we are pumped for empire and all of the new shows on fox. so we will celebrate, alex holily give away $500 just for
8:51 am
watch the shows. >> here is the thing, although i'm giving it away, it is coming out of your pocket. look at that. >> typical. >> starting saturday during the ohio state oklahoma game. really good game. watch for a code word pop up during the game. then every night next week, between 8:00 and 9:00 simply watch your tv screen. code words will pop up. you write it down. then go to and enter for chance to win the 500 bucks. simple as that. >> a magical run for america's got talent comes to an end for our eagles long snapper john dorenbos. did he win the $1 million? we'll show you a tape of last night's show.
8:52 am
8:53 am
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that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
8:55 am
>> ill a -- i've little in common with a tortoise. >> what, slow? just kidding. >> let me put it this way. forget the stinking ninja turtles. we have a true hero in a half shell. >> and talk about turtle power. see this video right here? well, it is a still. a 100 year old tortoise, and he may have saved his entire species, let me explain. his name diego. diego has fathered 800 offspring. 800 other tortoises. but, just 50 years ago, there were only 14 of his species left on earth. two males, and 12 females. two males, 12 females. so, diego, was brought to the san diego zoo, where he shares his, well, enclosure, with six
8:56 am
females. and he's been quite busy. he is single hand educationally may have saved his species by having sex with the six females over and over again. >> so he saved the world kind of? he saved his species? >> yes. >> so imagine if that was your job, like if all the men were wiped out, and it was up to me? oh, i couldn't get the job done. >> if you were to pick an animal to be, i am assuming you would want to be diego, is that what you are saying? >> well, put up this video, i found out this actually video. he just moves very slowly. but fast enough to coral these six female tortoises. single handedly saved his species. can you imagine the pressure put on you? >> that is a lot of pressure. someone tweeted diego just
8:57 am
want add good time, but he became a legend and a hero. >> you think -- >> most interesting tortoise in the world. >> in the world. >> ya. i wonder if he looked at it that way. >> you think? oh, i'm just doing this as my duty to my people. >> he seems he was looking for a good time. whew. >> cigarette? >> what's the biggest thing we have planned for the 9:00 hour? let me get a big tees here? >> cesar millan. >> oh, the doak whisperer. >> his dog is going to make an eagles prediction, who will win. put a logo for the bears, logo for the eagles. >> this is big. >> and then the dog will choose the winner. >> that's big, that's huge.
8:58 am
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